A Note About This Blog

I started this blog January 1, 2014 to track Portland, Oregon personal injury verdicts for my own curiosity as a trial lawyer, and to offer information to clients and potential clients. Every personal injury case tried to verdict in Multnomah County is summarized in this blog. If after reading this blog you have questions about trials or any of the listed results, please call me for a free consultation at 503-546-8812.


$6,200 MVA Verdict

Hancock v. Albert, Multnomah County Case No. 16CV18948 Plaintiff Hancock was rear-ended by Defendant Albert.  Hancock claimed crash-related soft-tissue injuries to his back and neck.  He sought $10,000 in non-economic damages pursuant to ORS 20.080. Defendant Albert admitted liability and causation but contested Hancock’s damages. Plaintiff’s Counsel – Jeffrey Thayer Defense Counsel – Eric Meyer…


Prescription Mix Up Verdict

Bell v. Fred Meyer Stores, Multnomah County Case No. 15CV19618 Plaintiff Bell was given a prescription for clomiphene by her fertility doctor.  She took the prescription to Defendant Fred Meyer’s pharmacy. Bell was errantly given clomipramine, an anti-depressant.  She took one dose and began to feel the effects before realizing the medication was incorrect.  Bell…