$1,003,842.37 Verdict Against Best Buy

Jermann v. Best Buy, Multnomah County Case No. 1307-10039

Plaintiff was at a local Best Buy store in an aisle shopping when a Best Buy employee dropped a box off of an upper shelf striking plaintiff on the head and causing injury.  Plaintiff alleged injuries including constant headaches, loss of sleep, tinnitus, concussion, post-concussion syndrome, neck compression, and contusions.  Plaintiff sought $16,000 in medical expenses, future medical costs to be determined at trial, $20,000 in loss of household services, $50,000 in loss of future earning capacity and $1,250,000 in non-economic damages.

Defendant admitted liability but contested damages.

Plaintiff’s Counsel – Michael Bloom

Defense Counsel – Charles Smith

Verdict –  $1,003,842.37 ( $600,000 in non-economics, $370,000 in future medical, $20,000 in loss of household services and $13,842.37 in past medical expenses). 

Date – September 17, 2014


September 17, 2014

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