Defense Verdict in Dental Malpractice Case

Abraham v. Blodgett, Multnomah County Case No. 1210-12386

Plaintiff Abraham had dental work performed by Defendant Blodgett. Abraham alleged that Blodgett injured him when he negligently replaced his damaged tooth with a dental implant.  Abraham sought $960,500 in damages. Plaintiff's Counsel -  William Macke.   Defense Counsel - Grant Stockton.   Verdict - Defense Verdict. Date....

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20.080 Verdict

Harden v. Vo, Multnomah County Case No. 1302-02050

Plaintiff Harden claimed he was injured in a rear-end car accident caused by Defendant Vo. Harden alleged soft-tissue injuries to his neck and back. He sought $10,000 pursuant to ORS 20.080. Defendant Vo admitted liability but disputed the cause and degree of Harden's injuries. Plaintiff's Counsel -....

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$17,790.00 in Attorney Fees Awarded in PIP Lawsuit

Nunez v. State Farm, Multnomah County Case No. 1210-13554

This is a breach of contract case related to the defendant cutting off PIP benefits to the plaintiff.  Plaintiff claimed that his treatment and bills were reasonable and necessary and therefore the defendant breached the contract when medical bills were denied for payment by Defendant. Plaintiff's....

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Defense Verdict in Roadway Construction Case

Farah v. Dirt and Aggregate Interchange, Multnomah County Case No. 1109-12050

In this road construction case, Plaintiff was injured after hitting a concrete barrier on Stark Street in Gresham.  The area where the crash took place was under construction.  Plaintiff claims that the City and it's contractor were negligent for the manner in which traffic was....

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MVA Verdict – $48,000.00

Berereia v. Taylor, Multnomah County Case No. 1003-03193

This was a rear-end car accident case with claimed cervical disc injuries requiring two surgeries.  The defense admitted liability but challenged whether the crash caused any harm to Berereia because she had a long history of prior related treatment. Plaintiff's Counsel - Rob Wolf.   Defense Counsel....

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MVA Verdict – $50,000.00

Butterfield v. Furler, Multnomah County Case No. 1210-13437

Plaintiff was parked in a parking lot when her car was struck by Defendant who was trying to park next to her.  Plaintiff sought $119, 279.87 for past medical care including a cervical fusion, future medical care and lost income. Plaintiff did not seek non-economic damages. Plaintiff's....

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Soft Tissue Defense Verdict

Cettel v. Joseph, Multnomah County Case No. 1212-15392

Plaintiff Cettel was in a motor vehicle crash with Defendant Joseph. She alleged that the collision caused her soft tissue injuries to her neck and back. Defendant Joseph admitted liability but contested causation and the extent of Cettel's damages. Plaintiff's Counsel - Ryan Corbridge. Defense Counsel -....

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Soft Tissue Verdict

Logan v. Lown, Multnomah County Case No. 1301-00022

Plaintiff Logan claimed injuries from a motor vehicle crash caused by defendant Lown. She claimed the collision caused soft-tissue injuries to her neck and back. The jury returned a verdict that included $17,500.00 for past and future medical bills and $11,000.00 in non-economic damages. Plaintiff's Counsel -....

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Defense Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case

Oliver v. OHSU, Multnomah County Case No. 1103-04084

This is a case where a one-year-old boy had surgery due to undescended testicles.  His parent, acting as his guardian ad litem, claim that they gave consent for a two-stage surgery to move his testicles into place. During the surgery, OHSU employees attempted to do the process all....

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