$2.225 Million Verdict For Hospital Fall

Patzer v. Portland Adventist Medical Center, Multnomah County Case No. 17CV04441

Plaintiff Patzer was a patient at defendant Portland Adventist Medical Center (PAMC) to have knee replacement surgery.  She had been admitted to the hospital for post-surgical care and was scheduled to be there for two days.  During that time she was assisted to the bathroom on crutches.  Once in the bathroom, the assisting nurse left here there and did not return.  Patzer attempted to return to her bed on crutches, and in the process, she fell and struck her head on the hard bathroom floor.  Ms. Patzer was knocked unconscious and claimed to have suffered a traumatic brain injury which affected her memory, concentration, caused dizziness and vertigo, made her sensitive to light and caused other cognitive impairment.  She claimed PAMC was negligent because their nurse failed to wait and assist her back to bed, for failing to have sufficient staff, failing to adequately train the staff, and failing to adequately educate patients on fall risks while recovering from total knee replacement surgery.  She sought $4.2 Million for lost earnings, lost earning capacity and past and future medical expenses.  She sought $5 Million for non-economic damages.

PAMC denied liability and claimed that any negligence was on the part of Ms. Patzer for failing to use the call button to summon the nurse.

Plaintiff’s Counsel – Patrick Angel        

Defense Counsel – Rodney Norton

Verdict – $2,225,000.00

Date – June 25, 2019

July 13, 2019

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