$44,365 Soft Tissue Verdict

Horowitz v. Flores, Multnomah County Case No 18CV30608

Defendant Flores rear-ended Plaintiff Horowitz. Horowitz claimed that the collision caused soft-tissue injuries to her neck and back as well as a concussion. She sought $6,495.00 for past medical expenses and $75,000 for non-economic damages.  In addition, Horowitz also claimed that the crash caused damage to her vehicle that resulted in its value being diminished by $4,396.00. Finally, she claimed entitlement to legal fees according to ORS 20.080 for the diminished value claim.

Defendant Flores admitted liability for the crash and that Horowitz suffered some temporary injury. She disputed Horowitz’s damages and claimed that the parties had already settled the property and diminished value claims.

Plaintiff’s Counsel – Stephen Voorhees
Defense Counsel – Eric Meyer
Verdict – $44,365.00
Date – September 10, 2019

September 22, 2019
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