$540,460.83 Slip & Fall Verdict

Cooper v. Biscuits Café et al., Multnomah County Case No. 15CV02116

Plaintiff Cooper was at a Biscuits Café in West Linn when she fell on a slippery floor. She alleged that Biscuits was negligent for allowing customer traffic in an area that had been recently mopped and failing to warn of the conditions. She alleged that the fall caused her to suffer an AC separation in her left shoulder and permanent injuries to her neck which have required surgical care. She sought $95,000 for past medical expenses, $300,000 for future medical expenses, $32,000 for lost income, $106,250 for lost earning capacity and $1 Million for non-economic damages.

Biscuits claimed that there was no fall nor had there been any recent mopping. Alternatively, they argued that signs were present if mopping had occurred and that Cooper was responsible for her fall for not keeping a proper lookout. They also claimed that any cervical injury was corrected when Cooper had a discectomy and fusion.

Plaintiff’s Counsel – Greg Kafoury and Jason Kafoury

Defense Counsel – Elizabeth Lampson and Cari Waters

Verdict – $540,460.83 after 10% reduction for comparative negligence.

Date – December 19, 2018

December 31, 2018

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