$79,611 Bicycle Accident Verdict

Panttila v. Cooney. Multnomah County Case No. 16CV40631

Plaintiff Panttila was a bicyclist riding on Skyline Boulevard.  Defendant Cooney was driving a car from the opposite direction on Skyline when he took a left turn and collided with Panttila.  Panttila claimed that Cooney failed to yield. Panttila claimed crash-related injuries including thoracic outlet syndrome, inflammation of his forearm and nerve damage to his arm which affects his ability to grip with his left hand. He claimed that his injuries prevented him from continuing to pursue road cycle racing in college.  He sought $50,500.00 for the difference in tuition where he attends college and where he would have gone had he not been pursuing competitive cycling.  He also requested $31,000 for past medical expenses and $75,000 for non-economic damages.

Defendant Cooney claimed that the crash was the result of Panttila’s own negligence for riding too fast, not wearing bright clothing or lighting and not using a designated bicycle lane.

Plaintiff’s Counsel – John Berman and Damon Petticord

Defense Counsel – Michael Walker

Verdict – $79,611.00 (After 15% reduction for comparative negligence)

Date – January 10, 2018.

February 16, 2018

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