$969,467 Wrongful Death Verdict

The Estate of Michael Dominguez v. Jason Rodriguez, et al., Multnomah County Case No. 16CV16260

Dominguez was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Defendant Rodriguez when Rodriguez ran a stop sign and caused a crash. Dominguez was killed in the accident. Dominguez’s estate brought this lawsuit against both Rodriguez for running the stop sign, and against Larson & King LLC, the company that owned the property at the intersection for allowing trees to obscure the stop sign. The estate sought $10 Million in economic damages and $10 Million in non-economic damages.

Defendant Rodriguez denied liability.  He argued that Defendant Larson & King was at fault for not pruning the surrounding trees that would make the stop sign visible from the street.

Defendant Larson & King and their tenant claimed that Rodriguez was the negligent party for driving recklessly and running the stop sign.

Plaintiff’s Counsel – Patrick Angel and Jeffrey Bowersox

Defense Counsel – Simon Harding (Rodriguez) and James Hiller (Larson & King)

Verdict – $969,467.00 (Apportioned 70% Rodriguez and 30% Larson & King)

Date – August 7, 2017

September 1, 2017

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