Defense Verdict in PIP Suit

Durfee v. American Family Insurance Company, Multnomah County Case No. 17CV46043

Plaintiff Durfee was involved in two car accidents and alleged to have sustained injuries. She incurred medical expenses and sent the bills to her own auto insurance company – defendant American Family – for payment under her no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) coverage.  American....

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PIP Suit Defense Verdict

Combs v. State Farm, Multnomah County Case No. 16CV34824

Plaintiff was in a car crash and sought medical care at Rockwood Chiropractic Clinic.  He had personal injury protection (“PIP”) on his own auto insurance policy with Defendant State Farm. State Farm cut off his benefits claiming that any further care was not reasonable and necessary....

read more >> February 16, 2018

State Farm PIP Denial Lawsuit

Cooper v. State Farm, Multnomah County Case No. 16CV01194

Plaintiff Cooper was injured in a car accident in February 2015. She had personal injury protection (PIP) on her car insurance with Defendant State Farm.  State Farm paid approximately four months of medical bills before denying further medical treatment, alleging it was not medically necessary. Cooper brought this....

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$24,150 MVA / PIP Verdict

McAllister v. Farmers Insurance Company of Oregon and McAllister, Multnomah County Case No. 15CV24585

Plaintiff Byron McAllister alleged he was a passenger in a car driven by defendant Wanda McAllister when she drove off the road and hit a telephone pole. Defendant Farmers insured the car. Byron McAllister alleged crash-related injuries to his shoulder.  He....

read more >> October 30, 2016

$36,363 UM / PIP Verdict

McIntyre v. American Standard Insurance Company, Multnomah County Case No. 15CV24107

An uninsured motorist rear-ended plaintiff McIntyre. She applied for personal injury protection (PIP) benefits from her insurance company, Defendant American Standard.  She also made an uninsured motorist (UM) claim.  She claimed that the crash caused a rotator cuff tear, traumatic brain injury, thoracic disc....

read more >> September 15, 2016

PIP & UIM Verdict

Wallace v. Mutual of Enumclaw, Multnomah County Case No. 15CV03273

Plaintiff Wallace was stopped for traffic when the car behind her was rear-ended, causing it to collide with her car.  Wallace sustained a neck injury in the crash which required surgery. Wallace settled her claim with the at-fault driver for policy limits of $25,000.  She....

read more >> March 17, 2016

PIP Denial Lawsuit

Gonzales-Reyes v. State Farm, Multnomah County Case No. 14CV08156

This was a PIP benefits breach of contract case. Plaintiffs claimed they were injured in a motor vehicle crash on July 19, 2013. Defendant refused to pay certain bills for each Plaintiff leaving them with balances totaling $14,550.00. Mr. Gonzalez-Reyes also sought $3,000.00 in denied PIP....

read more >> September 18, 2015

PIP Benefits Lawsuit

Morales v. State Farm, Multnomah County Case No. 1402-01417

This was a lawsuit brought by Plaintiff against her own insurance company for denial of PIP benefits. After a motor vehicle crash, Plaintiff sought medical care for injuries she alleged were reasonable, necessary and related to the accident. After paying for some care, Defendant terminated her....

read more >> May 12, 2015

State Farm PIP Benefits Lawsuit

Maczko v. State Farm, Multnomah County Case No.1309-12899

This was a PIP benefits lawsuit. Plaintiff was in an automobile accident and began seeing a chiropractor.  Defendant sent plaintiff to see an IME doctor. The first IME doctor agreed that the injuries were related to the crash and recommended two additional treatment....

read more >> October 10, 2014

$17,790.00 in Attorney Fees Awarded in PIP Lawsuit

Nunez v. State Farm, Multnomah County Case No. 1210-13554

This is a breach of contract case related to the defendant cutting off PIP benefits to the plaintiff.  Plaintiff claimed that his treatment and bills were reasonable and necessary and therefore the defendant breached the contract when medical bills were denied for payment by Defendant. Plaintiff's....

read more >> January 31, 2014

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