Coffee is For Closers

Farrand v. Jordan Motorz and Yasin, Multnomah County Case No. 16CV03896

Plaintiff Farrand alleged that he was at Defendant Jordan Motorz negotiating the purchase of a used car. When he was leaving, an employee of Jordan Motorz, Mr. Yasin, threw an iced coffee at him, striking him in the back of the head.  Farrand alleged that the strike caused him strains and sprains to his neck, headaches, and sleep disturbances.  Farrand sought $435 for past medical expenses and $1,565 for non-economic damages and attorney fees under ORS 20.080.

Jordan Motors and Yasin claimed that Yasin acted in self-defense after Farrand became angry when they would not sell him a car.

Plaintiff’s Counsel –Rachel O’Neal

Defense Counsel – Ryan Mclellan

Verdict – $1,434.95

Attorney Fees – $40,550.00

Date – January 17, 2018

February 16, 2018

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