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As a victim of crime, you can often feel alone within the criminal justice system. You need an Oregon crime victim’s lawyer.  The person who hurt you has a lawyer and there are numerous situations where his or her rights as a defendant will be heard in court. The State has a lawyer, called a Deputy District Attorney or Prosecutor, to represent their interests. The prosecutor assigned to your case may not be keeping you informed of developments in the case. You may or may not hear from a “victim’s advocate” who works for the State.

Of all the people involved in the case, you are probably the only one without representation.  As your case is moving along through the system, you may wonder what sentence the defendant may get and whether you will be financially compensated. The short answer is that without proper representation you are at the mercy of the system. Don’t be the only person in the case without representation.  Get an experienced Oregon crime victim’s lawyer. Chad Stavley is a former Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney (prosecutor) who has successfully represented crime victims many times.  Call for a free consultation.

What We Can Do

  • Maximize the compensation you are entitled to.
    There are two different types of court cases: criminal and civil. When you are the victim of a crime, both cases are potentially involved. First, the criminal court process begins. This is when the defendant is arrested and may or may not be held in jail awaiting a criminal trial. A Deputy District Attorney (prosecutor) is assigned to the case. The defendant will likely have hired an attorney or have one appointed for him/her. Without representation, your involvement will be limited to testifying at a preliminary hearing called “grand jury” and possibly being kept up to date by the prosecutor. If there is a trial you’d need to testify at that. They might send you a form to list your out-of-pocket expenses so that they can try to get those covered. But their job is not to get money for you. That is for the civil court system.  And for that part of the process, you’ll need your own lawyer.  An experienced Oregon crime victim’s lawyer can get to work early, while the criminal case is still open. It is important to contact an attorney who has familiarity with both the criminal and civil systems and how they can operate together. Before going into private practice, Chad Stavley was a Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney. He handled thousands of criminal cases as well as hundreds of civil cases.  
  • Make sure you understand the criminal process.
    You will likely have a lot of questions about how the criminal process works such as: What is a grand jury? Are you entitled to recover money for your losses? Will there be a trial? What will happen at a trial? What kind of sentence will the defendant likely get? You may not get much help from the District Attorney’s Office. This isn’t generally because they don’t care; they do. But they have a lot of cases and not a lot of time. A good Portland crime victim lawyer will make sure you are fully aware of what is going to happen and what your rights are.
  • Make sure that your voice is heard in all matters.
    The Oregon Constitution gives you the right to be involved in significant matters related to the criminal case. You’ll want to hear about the plea negotiations so that justice is served. You’ll want to be heard about scheduling and compensation too. We’ll work with the prosecutor to make sure your wishes are in the front of their mind. And we’ll work to make sure all who are responsible are held accountable. This includes the offender and any organization that allowed or helped the action to happen. This could include bars that over-serve alcohol leading to devastating car crashes, or organizations such as DHS, churches, nursing homes or daycare facilities where abuse happens.

Russell Charley
21:18 15 Nov 17
I have to thank Chad for his time and compassion when working with my Mom and l. When I initially called Chad I was full of fear and anger about the wreck and how my civil case was being handled. My former attorney had just notified me, by mail, that he couldn’t do anything for me, and to come pick up the paperwork. Chad listened and talked with Me. Giving him hope and a path forward. This is what I needed at this very low point in my life. Chad met with Mom and I in person, later emailing us detailed instructions. Which we followed. He provided support and was available when we got stuck and had questions. Chad’s help and support have been invaluable to our family. And has help put closure to this catastrophic event in my life. I high recommend Chad.read more
Trudy Corrigan
16:29 25 Oct 17
Chad helped us walk the difficult path of victims of a violent crime. He was experienced and reassuring through tough times.
James N
22:11 14 Jun 17
Chad is the real deal, truly out to help the less powerful and not in it just for a paycheck. Heres proof: I called him because my insurance adjuster was BS'ing me around with medical coverage, telling me I wasn't eligible. Chad went out of his way to three way call my insurance company with me, talk to the adjuster, and voila! Now i have medical coverage and I can get my back fixed. The best part? He didn't charge me a dime! He did it out of the kindness of his heart for somebody of lower status. Call it 100% magnanimous. If you're looking for a personal injury attorney, Mr. Stavley is your guy. read more
Abby K
14:52 31 Mar 17
Chad and his staff were extremely helpful with my case. I contacted his office after being injured in a car accident and he was able to produce a very nice outcome. He and Stephanie were always available and responded quickly to any questions or help needed in a friendly way. I highly recommend him!read more
Milton Pareta
05:16 17 Nov 16
I was in a major car accident in Eugene, Oregon back in June 2015. Resulting in numerous of injuries. Hospitalized for a couple of weeks and rehabbing for a couple of months after that. I was referred to Chad and he even came out to see me in Eugene from Portland. Our first discussion wasn't about any legal actions but how I was healing from the accident. Chad actually cares about his clients and will make sure you're taken cared off. He makes sure he is prepared for his cases and always is in communication with me. He even calls to see how I am doing or if I needed anything. He made my lawsuit really easy to handle. He will give you the best result one can ask for. Very easy and cool to work with. He will make sure that you are taken cared off. I highly recommend Chad Stavley for any personal injury case. You will be very pleased from the results.read more
00:04 01 Aug 18
After being rear ended by an impaired driver that left the scene, I contacted Chad Stavley because of his reputation for doing the right thing for the right reasons when he was a Deputy District Attorney with Multnomah County. Not only did he make the personal injury and damage portion of the collision simple, Chad also very quickly understood that I hoped for an outcome that was fair and reasonable for the person that hit me. Because of his prior experience and background, he was able to easily navigate the criminal aspect of this case with a resolution that held the driver accountable in a meaningful way, made me feel as if my input truly mattered, and most importantly, identified and acknowledged community stakeholders affected by impaired drivers. I cannot imagine navigating this sometimes very unpleasant process with another attorney. It is Chad's integrity and sincere compassion that guided and positively impacted this process for me and everyone else involved. I will recommend Chad Stavley to everyone I know.read more
Ying Zhang
03:10 30 Jul 18
I sought out Chad after a personal injury and he was extremely helpful in helping me understand my rights and advocate my case. He was always very professional and supportive throughout this difficult time. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case and was also able to receive much needed closure after my accident. I highly recommend Chad!read more
Kyle Turner
01:07 22 Aug 18
Chad took my case after I was in a severe car accident in which an impaired driver with no insurance was at fault. After a year of Chad working on my case, he was able to not only significantly reduce my medical bills, but as a result, was able to get some settlementment money for me. He was always great about staying in contact and I never felt rushed. Chad took the time to explain the case clearly and was even complimented by the D.A. office handling the criminal side of the accident. After everything was settled, he waived his fees, leaving me with a bit more money than I had originally thought.read more
Mackenzie Andrews
05:36 01 May 18
I was in an auto accident right after I turned 18. After a year of battling my case by myself I decided to finally look for legal help. I met with a few other attorneys before meeting Chad. Chad was understanding of my situation. I felt at ease signing over the case to him knowing everything was in good hands. I will be recommending him to all family and friends.read more
QB Oregon
22:49 28 Aug 18
Chad is a great guy to work with, very down to earth and easy to talk to. He worked with me on the wrongful death case of my husband, and I couldn't be happier with his quick responses and approach. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants an attorney that is knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for his clients.read more
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