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Oregon Pit Bull Attack Case

Picture of a ledge that Oregon dog attack lawyer Chad Stavley's client fell from. A Multnomah County jury awarded $404,044.75 to a woman was injured after being charged by a pit bull.  The woman was walking along the side of 160th Avenue when a pit bull began barking and charged at her. As she retreated she fell off a retaining wall. The fall caused her to fracture her femoral condyle, rupture her ACL and tear her meniscus. Her medical bills totalled $18,828.57. Her doctor recommended a future knee surgery.

She tried to work with the homeowner’s insurance, Allstate, but they would not take responsibility for her injuries. She looked for an Oregon dog attack lawyer and hired a different firm. Allstate still denied liability and refused to make a settlement offer.  Her first lawyer said the case was not winnable, so he fired her as a client. She then spoke with other Oregon dog attack lawyers and they rejected her case too.

She hired The Law Office of Chad Stavley.  Chad filed a lawsuit and began preparing for trial.  The defense lawyers claimed the dog never left the property or crossed onto the injured woman’s side of the road.  They denied liability and made no offers.

Chad  established the dog owner’s legal responsibility before trial using a legal procedure called summary judgment. With their liability case defeated,  Allstate made an offer of $225,000 shortly before trial. Chad advised the woman to reject the offer and she did.  The case proceeded to trial in Multnomah County Circuit Court.  Chad presented medical testimony about the significance of the injury and need for future care.  He offered evidence of diminished earning capacity because there were no wage losses as the woman had been unemployed when the incident happened.

With liability established, Allstate defended the case on damages. They claimed the woman was not as hurt as she claimed to be. It had been over two years and she had not had the surgery recommended by her doctor.  They offered questionable video surveillance evidence that they claimed supported their position.

The jury deliberated for several hours before returning a verdict for the injured woman.

Verdict – $404,044.75



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I don't ever write reviews, but this is one I wholeheartedly recommend to my community and family in need of a Personal Injury Attorney. Navigating a...
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I feel fortunate to have Chad on our side to handle an accident a couple of years ago. I'd had zero experience in lawsuits. He is knowledgeable,...
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Russell Charley
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I have to thank Chad for his time and compassion when working with my Mom and l.When I initially called Chad I was full of fear and anger about the wreck and how my civil case was being handled. My former attorney had just notified me, by mail, that he couldn’t do anything for me, and to come pick up the paperwork.Chad listened and talked with Me. Giving him hope and a path forward. This is what I needed at this very low point in my life.Chad met with Mom and I in person, later emailing us detailed instructions. Which we followed. He provided support and was available when we got stuck and had questions. Chad’s help and support have been invaluable to our family. And has help put closure to this catastrophic event in my life.I high recommend Chad.read more
Trudy Corrigan
16:29 25 Oct 17
Chad helped us walk the difficult path of victims of a violent crime. He was experienced and reassuring through tough times.
James N
22:11 14 Jun 17
Chad is the real deal, truly out to help the less powerful and not in it just for a paycheck. Heres proof: I called him because my insurance adjuster was BS'ing me around with medical coverage, telling me I wasn't eligible. Chad went out of his way to three way call my insurance company with me, talk to the adjuster, and voila! Now i have medical coverage and I can get my back fixed. The best part? He didn't charge me a dime! He did it out of the kindness of his heart for somebody of lower status. Call it 100% magnanimous. If you're looking for a personal injury attorney, Mr. Stavley is your guy. read more
Abby K
14:52 31 Mar 17
Chad and his staff were extremely helpful with my case. I contacted his office after being injured in a car accident and he was able to produce a very nice outcome. He and Stephanie were always available and responded quickly to any questions or help needed in a friendly way. I highly recommend him!read more
Milton Pareta
05:16 17 Nov 16
I was in a major car accident in Eugene, Oregon back in June 2015. Resulting in numerous of injuries. Hospitalized for a couple of weeks and rehabbing for a couple of months after that. I was referred to Chad and he even came out to see me in Eugene from Portland. Our first discussion wasn't about any legal actions but how I was healing from the accident. Chad actually cares about his clients and will make sure you're taken cared off. He makes sure he is prepared for his cases and always is in communication with me. He even calls to see how I am doing or if I needed anything. He made my lawsuit really easy to handle. He will give you the best result one can ask for. Very easy and cool to work with. He will make sure that you are taken cared off. I highly recommend Chad Stavley for any personal injury case. You will be very pleased from the results.read more
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