Holding Oregon Bars Accountable For Over Serving Alcohol

If a bar is over serving alcohol to a person and that person drives and hurts or kills someone, the bar may be responsible.  A bartender is considered to be over serving alcohol if they serve someone who is visibly intoxicated.   These cases have important notice deadlines that must be met.  Read Oregon’s dram shop statute so that you understand the deadlines.  Call a lawyer with experience handling dram shop cases and holding bars accountable for over serving alcohol.  Bars and taverns understand that the more they serve the more they make.  But Oregon law prohibits them from over serving alcohol.  They do it because it pays.  An experienced liquor liability lawyer can make the bar or tavern pay for the harm they have caused.


Other Reasons To Act Quickly

Evidence may be lost.  Some bars and taverns have video surveillance.  These video systems are often set to recycle the “tape” on a regular schedule.  The video may show a bartender serving a staggering drunk with his car keys in his hand but if it gets recycled you’ll never see it.

Witnesses may be lost.  If you ask a person to tell you who was at the bar with them last night, they may remember.  If you ask them who was at a bar with them 4 months ago they likely will not.  These are hard cases. Don’t make them harder by waiting until nobody remembers anything.

Bartenders and staff may change jobs, move or become unavailable.  I’ve dealt with this problem in a liquor liability case.  One of the bartenders who served the drunk who ran over my client moved and left no forwarding address to her former employer.  It took a great amount of work to locate her.  Without her we would not have learned some very important information about the other bartender and manager that made our case.

If you’ve been injured by someone you suspect was over-served alcohol, call right away so that you don’t miss a deadline or lose evidence that will prevent you from making a full financial recovery.

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