Plaintiff Verdict in 20.080 Bicycle Case

Bubenik v. Cooper, Multnomah County Case No. 1307-10778

Plaintiff was on his bicycle stopped for a red light. He was in the lane of travel as there was no bicycle lane. Plaintiff signaled and intended to turn left. Defendant was behind him in a pickup pulling a trailer. When the light turned green Defendant attempted to pass Plaintiff on his left and hit plaintiff with his trailer. Plaintiff claimed injuries including a concussion, headache, dizziness, back/neck pain, shoulder pain, and spasms. Plaintiff incurred medical expenses totaling $5,739.36, but PIP paid them. Plaintiff sought $9,500.00 in non-economic damages and $500 in economic damages for bicycle and loss of use. Defendant denied liability and contested damages.

Plaintiff’s Counsel – Ashley Rosenbaum

Defense Counsel – Sarah Cohen

Verdict – $3,250.00

Attorney’s Fees – $42,045

Date – August 13, 2014

August 13, 2014

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