Travers v. Scheffer, Multnomah County Case No. 1401-00913

Ms. Travers was walking along the side of160th Avenue when a pit bull owned by the defendant charged and barked at her. Ms. travers fell off the edge of a retaining wall as she attempted to flee. The fall caused her to fracture her femoral condyle, rupture her ACL and tear her meniscus. her medical bills totalled $18,828.57. She required a future knee surgery.

Ms. Scheffer was insured by Allstate. She claimed the dog never even left her property or crossed onto Ms. Travers’ side of the road. Allstate denied liability and made no offers. Ms. Travers hired a lawyer who eventually fired her claiming the case was not winnable. Ms. travers then hired Portland dog attack lawyer Chad Stavley. He established Ms. Scheffer’s legal responsibility pretrial using a legal procedure called summary judgment. Allstate then defended saying that Ms. travers was not as injured as she claimed to be. Nonetheless, Allstate offered $225,000 shortly before trial. Mr. Stavley advised Ms. Travers to reject the offer and she did.

The case proceeded to trial in Multnomah County Circuit Court on March 9 & 10, 2015.

Verdict – $404,044.75.

Dog attack location - Travers v. Sheffer. Case handled by Oregon Dog Attack lawyer Chad Stavley.