Paris v. Twitchell, Benton County Case No. 10-10048

Ms. Paris and her husband were on bicycles heading to work when a pick-up truck with an attached car trailer pulled out from a service station in front of her. She grabbed her brakes but was unable to stop in time. She hit the back of the defendant’s trailer becoming entangled in the trailer and dragged a short distance before getting untangled. She tore the ACL in her left knee and had surgery to repair it. Her medical bills totalled 442,349.60. She was almost 100% by the time the case went to trial.

The defendant blamed Mrs. Paris for the crash. the combined length of his truck and trailer were over forty feet. The driveway he was leaving had a steep slope that the defense argued required the driver to exit slow or bottom out on the trailer hitch. They offered video to prove this. They argued that Mrs. Paris was going too fast and not paying attention. Otherwise she would be able to stop in time. So State Farm denied liability and made no settlement offers. Mrs. Paris looked for a Corvallis bicycle attorney and could not find one willing to help. finally she hired Chad Stavley to handle her case.

Verdict – $132,349.60.

Bicycle stuck in trailer after collision.