Dixon v. Cook, Clackamas County Case No. CV15070252

In the summer of 2013 Ms. Dixon and friends were given a ride after floating the Clackamas River. The driver began speeding and rolled his truck off the road. Ms. Dixon hit her face causing her to break a tooth and cut her lip. the tooth was successfully repaired and the lip wound healed leaving only a very faint scar.

Ms. Dixon tried to resolve the case on her own and with the help of her father. the insurance company for the at-fault-driver offered $26,000 as a final offer. Ms. Dixon and her father contacted Clackamas personal injury lawyer Chad Stavley. Chad agreed that if he could not improve the amount Ms. Dixon would receive, he would not take a fee. He filed a lawsuit and seven weeks later the case settled for policy limits – $100,000.00.

Badly damaged car from rollover car crash. Case handled by Clackamas personal injury lawyer Chad Stavley.