Wilsons v. Newton, Clackamas County Case No. CV123234232

In April of 2011 Mr. Wilson was driving his new pick-up on Highway 101 near Lincoln City with his wife in the passenger seat. a drunk driver coming the opposite direction suddenly took a left turn across Mr. Wilson’s lane causing a significant crash. It turned out he driver was extremely drunk. Her blood alcohol content (BAC) was .34% – over four times the legal limit. Mr. Wilson had a significant preexisting arm injury that was aggravated in the crash. But his medical care was limited.

The drunk driver had Allstate Insurance. they refused to even pay for the full value of Mr. Wilson’s truck. After getting frustrated with Allstate, the Wilsons contacted my office. We filed a lawsuit and began preparing for trial. We demanded the full value of the truck, $100,000 policy limits for Mr. Wilson and compensation for Mrs. Wilson’s minor injuries. the defense took the position that Mr. Wilson suffered only an elbow strain to an arm that had significant preexisting problems. We stayed firm. Shortly before trial Allstate relented and paid the $100,000 policy limits to Mr. Wilson, compensated Mrs. Wilson for her injuries and paid the full value on the truck.

Side impact vehicle damage caused by drunk driver. Case was handled by Portland Personal injury attorney Chad Stavley.