Barnes v. Fisher, Multnomah County Case No. 15CV01162

In April of 2014, Ms. Barnes was riding her motorcycle in southeast Portland on a one-way street. She was in the left hand lane and their was a SUV in the right hand lane a few car lengths ahead of her. Suddenly the SUV driver attempted to turn left from the right hand lane. Ms. barnes was unable to avoid crashing into the side of the SUV. the crash caused her to fracture her lower leg and suffer bone bruising.

The SUV driver said that she was in the left lane all along and that Ms. barnes tried to pass her on the left. the at-fault driver’s insurance company, State Farm, made no offers. Ms. Barnes hired Portland motorcycle crash lawyer Chad Stavley who found an independent witness who confirmed Ms. Barnes’ story. Mr. Stavley filed a lawsuit. State Farm finally offered their driver’s policy limits – $100,000.00.

Damage to car from motorcycle impact. Case handled by Portland personal injury attorney Chad Stavley.