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$406,000 Settlement For Couple Injured in Trucking Case

Mr. Stavley represented a husband and wife that were injured when hit by an 18-wheeler. The husband suffered a hernia and the wife suffered a rotator cuff tear.  Both required surgery.

$300,000 Policy Limits + Car Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a man who was hit head-on by an inattentive driver. The man suffered multiple facial fractures. The at-fault driver had $100,000 policy limits.  The victim had $100,000 in underinsured motorist coverage.  The at-fault driver had some assets, so Mr. Stavley demanded that he contribute $100,000 in additional money. The at-fault driver threatened bankruptcy but eventually added the additional $100,000 making the total recovery $300,000.

$300,000 Policy Limits Car Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a man who was hit by a drunk driver.  The man suffered a torn meniscus and ACL to a previously reconstructed knee.  The insurance company initially offered $35,743 before litigation.

$275,000 Dog Bite Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a young girl who was bitten in the face by a Portland woman’s Pit Bull.  The dog’s owner initially denied liability.  The case settled shortly before trial.

$273,460.74 Arbitration Win

Mr. Stavley represented a  Portland man who was struck from behind on I-205 and suffered a concussion and a rotator cuff tear requiring surgery.

$175,000 Policy Limits Car Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a Hood River woman who was a passenger in her friend’s car when the friend drove off the road causing a crash. The woman suffered several facial fractures and a concussion.

$166,194.86 Arbitration Win Car Crash Case

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was hit head-on by an uninsured drunk driver.  The woman suffered a fractured sternum which healed without surgery.  The arbitration award exceeded policy limits.

$125,000 Policy Limits Car Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a man who suffered a torn rotator cuff in a rear-end car collision.  Both the at-fault driver and the man’s own insurance company (UIM coverage) agreed to pay their policy limits.


Confidential Settlement – Central Oregon Car Crash

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was injured when a car crossed the center line and hit her during a snowstorm.  She suffered a severe laceration to her arm, a broken kneecap and a broken finger as well as hematomas.

Confidential Settlement – Portland Bicycle Case

Mr. Stavley represented a man who was hit by a company vehicle while on his bicycle.  There were no witnesses other than the cyclist and the company driver.  The company driver said the cyclist swerved out of the bike lane in front of his truck at the last moment.  The cyclist denied leaving his lane but had limited memory of the events due to his injuries which included multiple broken ribs, a lacerated spleen, and a fractured leg and arm.

$525,000 Settlement – Non-Surgical Neck/Back Injury Case

Mr. Stavley represented a construction worker who was injured when a truck in oncoming traffic tried to make a last-second left turn across traffic but instead hit the construction worker causing a significant collision.  The construction worker suffered a compression fracture at T-12 and a cervical disc herniation at C-6/7.  Neither injury required surgery and both healed in time but with some ongoing symptoms.  Mr. Stavley resolved the case against the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier for policy limits – $25,000 – and then brought a lawsuit against the construction worker’s own insurance company for underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage.  The case settled shortly before trial for an additional $500,000.

$380,000 Settlement – UIM Back Surgery Case

Mr. Stavley represented a woman in a lawsuit against her own insurance company for underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage.  Another lawyer handled the case against the at-fault driver and settled for the $100,000 policy limits.  Then the woman’s insurance company would not pay any additional money for UIM coverage.  The woman left the prior lawyer and hired Chad.  Chad worked up the case and shortly before trial the insurance company paid $380,000.

$300,000 Policy Limits Dog Bite Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was bitten in the face by her neighbor’s Pit Bull.  The woman had another Portland lawyer before hiring Mr. Stavley.  That lawyer dropped the woman as a client after the dog owner’s insurance company denied liability.  Mr. Stavley filed a lawsuit against the dog owner and within three months the dog owner’s insurance company offered their policy limits – $300,000

$250,000 Dog Bite Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was bitten by a pit-bull that had previously bitten a man several years before.  The woman’s medical expenses only amounted to $1,700.  Mr. Stavley filed a lawsuit and within months the dog owner’s insurance company offered $250,000.

$154,713.81 Arbitration Win Against GEICO

Mr. Stavley represented a man who was hit by a driver that ran a red light near downtown Portland.  The man injured a disc in his lower back but opted not to have surgery.  Mr. Stavley settled with the at-fault carrier for their policy limits – $25,000.   Mr. Stavley’s client had underinsured motorist coverage with GEICO.  GEICO refused to pay policy limits, so Mr. Stavley arbitrated the case getting an award that exceeded GEICO’s limits.

$140,000 Dog Bite Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was bitten on her lower leg by a Pit Bull owned by a neighbor.  Prior to retaining Mr. Stavley the neighbor’s home owner’s insurance company denied liability and made no offers.

$100,000 Policy Limits Settlement Bicycle Injury Case

Mr. Stavley represented a man who was hit on his bicycle by a motorist who made a sudden left turn.  The man suffered a tibia fracture and torn meniscus.

$100,000 Policy Limits Uninsured Motorist Car Accident case

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was hit head-on by an uninsured drunk driver.   The woman suffered soft tissue injuries and traumatically-caused cubital tunnel syndrome.


$3.55 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was badly injured due to a surgical error.

Confidential Wrongful Death Settlement – Medical Transport

Mr. Stavley represented the estate of a man that died after being dropped off a gurney by a medical transportation company.

$950,000 – Settlement Worksite Injury Case

Mr. Stavley represented a man who was injured when he came into contact with a live electrical line at work.  The man suffered electrical burns to his hand which led to a finger amputation.  Prior to hiring Mr. Stavley no offers were made by the defense.

$350,000 – Pedestrian Injury Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was run over by an elderly driver in a snowy parking lot. The woman suffered multiple minor fractures that did not require surgery.

$325,000 – Settlement Against Negligent Dog Owner

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was hiking in a park when an off-leash dog ran into her, causing her to fall and dislocate her elbow.  The owners of the dog denied liability and argued that the woman fell due to her own negligence.  Prior to hiring Mr. Stavley, the woman attempted to negotiate a settlement using a different lawyer.  The insurance company for the dog owner would not go above $80,000.  She then hired Mr. Stavley.  He filed a lawsuit against the dog’s owners and began preparing for trial.  A month before trial, the insurance company relented and the case settled for $325,000.

$175,000 Car Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a young woman in who was rear-ended on I-5.  She tore her bicep tendon and required surgery.  Mr. Stavley resolved the case against the at-fault driver for his policy limits, $25,000, and then pursued the case as an underinsured motorist (UM) case against the woman’s own insurer.  They denied that the injury was a result of the crash and claimed she hurt herself playing sports.  The week before a scheduled arbitration they relented and paid an additional $150,000.

$150,000 – Car Accident Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was hit broadside on a Washington County road by a driver who ran a red light. The woman was nine months pregnant.  She broke her wrist and several fingers.  Also, her placenta separated requiring her doctors to induce labor.  Mr. Stavley settled the case against the at-fault driver for his policy limits – $100,000 and then against the woman’s own insurance carrier for the limits of her underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage – $50,000.

$147,284.08 Arbitration Win – Car Crash

Mr. Stavley represented a man whose car was hit forcing him off the road into a divider. The man suffered a compression fracture of his fourth thoracic vertebra and a partial tear of his bicep tendon.  Neither injury required surgery or hospitalization.  Chad was able to resolve the case against the at-fault driver for his policy limits, $50,000.  Then he brought an action against the client’s own insurance company, Farmers, for underinsured motorist coverage. Farmers argued that the bicep tendon tear was not related to the crash. They made no offers to resolve the case.  Chad Stavley arbitrated the case in April 2018 and got $147,284.08 which meant that the client received his full policy limits on top of the at-fault driver’s policy limits.

$125,000 Slip & Fall Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a man who slipped and broke his leg in an icy Seattle hotel parking lot. The hotel was aware that the ice had accumulated and had done nothing to clear the lot.

$125,000 Policy Limits Motorcycle Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a man who was hit by a car that changed lanes without yielding.  The motorcyclist suffered a pre-retinal hemorrhage, neck strain, and road rash.

$100,000 Policy Limits Car Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was hit by a drunk driver in Washington County.  The collision caused the woman to suffer an abdominal wall hematoma as well as shoulder, neck and back pain.


$1.19 Million – Pedestrian Injury Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was struck by a car as she crossed the road in a crosswalk. The woman suffered significant fractures to both wrists which required surgical repairs.

$250,000 Settlement – Tree Fall Causing injury

Mr. Stavley represented a man who was driving his car when a tree fell, crashing through the car.  The man suffered a fractured acromion (shoulder), a torn labrum and scalp lacerations. Mr. Stavley pursued the claim against the owner of the tree and resolved the case with her insurance company.

$227,534.68 Arbitration Win – Car Rollover

Mr. Stavley represented a passenger in a Jeep who was injured when the driver took a turn too fast, causing the Jeep to roll.  The passenger broke his clavicle, requiring surgical repair and also suffered hairline fractures his acetabulum (hip socket).

 $113,000 Car Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a young girl who was a passenger in a car that was rear-ended at high speed on I-405.  The girl suffered a hematoma on her leg that would not go away and eventually had to be removed surgically.

$100,000 Policy Limits Pedestrian Injury Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was struck in a crosswalk by an inattentive driver.  The woman fractured her pelvis and sacrum.  She made a quick recovery and Allstate offered her only $15,000. Mr. Stavley brought a lawsuit and held firm to policy limits demands.  Eventually, Allstate caved and tendered their policy limits.

$100,00 Policy Limits Motor Vehicle Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a woman with a long history of knee complaints who was hit by a driver that pulled out from a stop sign without yielding. The woman struck the dash with her already-bad knee which was made worse. Doctors disagreed on whether she would need future surgery. Liberty Mutual offered $24,000.  Mr. Stavley brought a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and Liberty Mutual finally agreed to pay their policy limits.


$785,000 Car Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a young man in Eugene who was a back-seat passenger in a car hit by a driver who ran a red light. The young man required surgery to repair a fractured jaw and a traumatically-caused urethral stricture.

Confidential Pathology Laboratory Malpractice Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a woman diagnosed with a specific type of aggressive breast cancer due to a lab error. She actually had a different type of breast cancer, which would have required less aggressive chemotherapy than what she received.

$265,000 Car Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented an elderly man involved in a Salem traffic crash that ran his car off the road into a tree. The man initially had no complaints of pain, but eventually had neck pain and headaches. He underwent a cervical disc fusion and suffered post-concussive symptoms. The at-fault driver offered her $50,000 policy limits. Mr. Stavley then brought a lawsuit for underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage. His insurance carrier argued that much of the injuries were unrelated to the car crash. Mr. Stavley recovered an additional $215,000 settlement against the UIM carrier.

$107,000 Car Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland man working as an Uber driver who was hit by a drunk driver. The crash caused soft-tissue injuries.

$100,000 Policy Limits Car Crash Case

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was hit from behind in a car crash. She received a concussion from the impact and had several months of post-concussive symptoms as well as shoulder pain.

$100,000 Policy Limits Car Crash – Breast Implant Revision Case

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was in a crash after a driver turned across her lane of travel. The impact caused her breast implant to become dislodged, requiring a follow-up surgery. Mr. Stavley resolved the case with the at-fault driver for $50,000 (policy limits) and then with client’s own insurance carrier for $50,000 underinsured motorist (UIM) limits.

$100,000 Policy Limits Car Versus Bicycle Case

Mr. Stavley represented a Vancouver woman who was hit by a car that ran through a stop light. The impact caused an upper leg laceration and a clavicle fracture. Mr. Stavley resolved the case with the at-fault driver for $50,000 (policy limits) and then with his client’s own insurance carrier for $50,000 underinsured motorist (UIM) limits.


$404,044.75 Multnomah County Jury Verdict – Dog Attack Case

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland woman who was charged by a neighbor’s pit bull causing her to fall over a retaining wall. The woman suffered a slight fracture to her femoral condyle, ruptured her ACL and tore her meniscus. The dog owner’s insurance company, Allstate, initially blamed the woman for her own injuries. A week before trial they offered $185,000 then days before trial increased the offer to $225,000. The jury returned a verdict totaling $404,044.75.

$187,500.00 Bicycle Injury Case Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a Eugene woman who was hit by a car while she rode her bicycle to work. The cyclist suffered soft tissue injuries in her neck and back. She had radiating symptoms, but all diagnostic imaging and studies were negative for any disc-related injury.

$150,000 Pedestrian Injury Case Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland man hit by a car as he walked along the street in the Mountain Park area. He aggravated a pre-existing knee injury requiring knee replacement surgery.

$147,000.00 Bicycle Injury Case Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland man who was hit by a car in North Portland while on his bicycle. The cyclist suffered a separated shoulder and minor wrist injury.

$100,000.00 Policy Limits Motorcycle Injury Case Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland woman who was hit by an SUV trying to turn left from the right lane of a one-way street. The motorcyclist suffered a small fibula fracture and bone bruising as well as soft tissue damage.

$100,000.00 Policy Limits Automobile Rollover Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a young Portland woman who was a passenger in a small truck that rolled when the driver took a curve in the road at excessive speed. The woman broke a tooth and suffered a small laceration to her lip which left her with some minor scarring.


Sexual Assault Confidential Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented an employee who was sexually assaulted by a fellow employee.

$230,000 Clark County Washington Policy Limits Trucking Case

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was injured when a truck crossed the center line, hitting the car she was in head-on. Multiple plaintiffs divided the $300,000 policy limits with Mr. Stavley’s client taking the most – $130,000. Then Mr. Stavley obtained an additional $100,000 in Underinsured Motorist benefits for his client.

$227,500 Minor Impact Neck/Back Injury Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was hit from behind in a car crash. The at-fault driver’s insurance company would not tender their policy limits, due in part to the photos of the property damage which were unimpressive. Nonetheless, the client had surgery to repair disc injuries to her neck and back. Mr. Stavley was hired and the limits were offered. Then a UIM case was filed and ultimately settled short of trial. The total settlement was $227,500.

$150,000 Clackamas County Motorcycle Case

Mr. Stavley represented a Clackamas County motorcyclist who was hit by a car in a parking lot. The crash caused a cervical disc herniation in the motorcyclist’s neck. There was a dispute as to whether surgery was necessary.

$108,275.81 Minor Impact Rotator Cuff Repair Arbitration Award

Mr. Stavley represented a man who was hit from behind by a drunk driver. The damage to the vehicles was not impressive. The client had seen his doctor 6 months before the crash complaining of severe pain in his shoulder and loss of range of motion. After the crash, he had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. After receiving policy limits from the at-fault driver, Mr. Stavley brought an Underinsured Motorist action. The defense argued that the rotator cuff was pre-existing and not unusual for an older man. They based their defense on his complaints prior to the crash.Ultimately the arbitrator found that the injury was related and awarded $108,275.81.

$100,000 Policy Limits For Cyclist With Separated Shoulder

Mr. Stavley represented a cyclist who was hit by a driver taking a left turn without yielding to oncoming traffic. The cyclist separated his shoulder. Prior to retaining Mr. Stavley, the highest offer made by the insurance company was less than $7,000.00.

$100,000 Policy Limits Washington County Bicycle Case

Mr. Stavley represented a cyclist hit by a truck in traffic in Washington County. Liability was disputed with the truck’s driver saying that the cyclist pulled in front of him without signaling. There was no offer made to the cyclist before Mr. Stavley was hired.


$384,213.89 Multnomah County Jury Verdict – Bicycle Case

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland cyclist who was hit by a car that turned directly in front of him. The cyclist was thrown into the driver’s windshield and suffered a large open wound to his back that required surgical repair and left him with an unsightly scar. The driver’s insurance company, The Hartford, blamed the cyclist for the crash. After Mr. Stavley became involved, the offers steadily rose from $40,000 to $90,000, and eventually to $150,000 just before trial. Ultimately, the verdict more than doubled the last offer.

$250,000 Policy Limits Minimal Property Damage Cervical Disc Herniation Case

Mr. Stavley represented a man who was rear-ended by a woman with minimal insurance. After receiving policy limits from the at-fault driver, Mr. Stavley filed an Underinsured Motorist (UIM) lawsuit against his client’s own insurance company. Shortly after filing, the insurance company offered up their limits.

$200,000 Recovery For Washington County Cyclist

Mr. Stavley represented a cyclist who was struck by a commercial truck that pulled out in front of him on his morning commute. The cyclist dislocated his shoulder and suffered a nerve injury to his leg that caused temporary “drop foot.” Liability was contested. The trucking company blamed the cyclist. Another local bicycle attorney had rejected the case claiming it was not winnable.

$150,000 Recovery For Portland Car Crash – Disputed Compression Fracture and Disc Bulge

Mr. Stavley represented an automobile passenger who was hurt when an inattentive driver pulled out in front of the car she was in, causing a crash. The driver’s insurance company pointed to a long medical history involving the client’s neck and back. Nonetheless, on the eve of trial, Mr. Stavley was able to negotiate a settlement of $150,000.

$100,000 Policy Limit Recovery For Elbow Strain

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland man with one arm who was hit head-on by a drunk driver causing a strain to his elbow.

$100,000 Policy Limit Recovery For Cyclist Hit By Dog

Mr. Stavley represented a bicycle commuter who was thrown off his bike when a dog, on a leash, ran away from his owner in front of the bicycle, causing a crash. The cyclist landed on his hip and fractured his femur trochanter.


$450,000 Recovery in Motorcycle Crash Case

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who suffered a broken lower leg that required surgery after a motorcycle crash where the at-fault driver turned directly in front of her.

$138,000 Recovery In Car Crash Case – Rotator Cuff Tear

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was rear-ended by another car in Washington County.  As a result of the crash, she tore her rotator cuff.

$102,522 Arbitration Award For Cyclist Hit by Car – Separated Shoulder

Mr. Stavley represented a bicycle commuter who was hit when a driver turned left across the cyclist’s lane of travel.

$100,000 Policy Limits For Motorcyclist Hit By Car – Knee Surgery

Mr. Stavley represented a motorcyclist who was hit by a pickup that turned into him. The motorcyclist suffered a knee injury that required surgery.

$100,000 Recovered For Man In Wheelchair Hit By Car

Mr. Stavley represented a wheelchair-bound man who was crossing the entryway to an apartment complex on the sidewalk when a driver exiting the parking lot hit him. Because of man’s physical condition, he was susceptible to leg fractures without significant impact. Prior to hiring Mr. Stavley the defense insurance company blamed Mr. Stavley’s client and made no offers.

$100,000 Policy Limits For Tacoma Pedestrian Hit In Crosswalk

Mr. Stavley represented a college student who was walking across a busy intersection with the light when a turning car hit her, fracturing her wrist and leg. Before Mr. Stavley was hired, the defense disputed liability and blamed the crash on the victim pedestrian.

$100,000 For Cyclist Hit in Traffic – Broken Nose

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland college student hit by a car while she was bicycle commuting. The student was thrown to the ground breaking her nose.

$100,000 Car Crash Policy Limit Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a Beaverton woman who was hit when a car ran a red light and hit her broadside fracturing several ribs.

$100,000 Policy Limits For Cyclist Hit By Parked Car Opening Door

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland woman who was hit by the edge of a car door that opened into her lane of travel. The edge of the door hit the cyclist in the throat, causing a serious wound.

$100,000 Policy Limits Car Crash – Knee Surgery

Mr. Stavley’s client was rear-ended in traffic causing a knee injury that required surgery.

$100,000 Policy Limits For Portland Cyclist Hit By Car – Rib Fractures

Mr. Stavley represented an elderly Portland man who remained an avid cyclist. The man was hit by a driver attempting to make a turn without yielding. He suffered multiple rib fractures.


$132,349.60 Benton County Jury Verdict For Injured Cyclist

Mr. Stavley represented a cyclist injured on her commute to work when a truck pulling a trailer pulled out in front of her, causing her to hit the trailer. The cyclist suffered a knee injury which required surgery. State Farm denied liability, stating that the cyclist was to blame for not paying attention – the impact was with the very end of the long trailer. No offer was ever made. The case went to trial and a Benton County jury found for Mr. Stavley’s client and awarded $132,349.60.

Confidential Settlement Against Drunk Driver And Over Serving Bar

Mr. Stavley represented a cyclist who was hit by a drunk driver. Mr. Stavley learned that the drunk driver had been drinking while visibly intoxicated at a local bar. Mr. Stavley recovered policy limits against the drunk driver and additional amounts from the bar.


$375,000 For Motorcyclist Hit In Traffic

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland man hit by a car that merged into his lane on Highway 217. The impact caused the motorcyclist to crash, breaking his shoulder and thumb, both of which required surgery to fix.

$164,000 Recovery For Man in Portland Car Crash

Mr. Stavley represented a man who was hit by another car that spun out on I-84 causing a crash.  Mr. Stavley’s client suffered soft tissue injuries and disputed nerve injury to his lower leg. Mr. Stavley recovered $100,000 policy limits against the at-fault driver and an additional $64,000 in Underinsured Motorist (UIM) benefits from the client’s own insurance company.

$146,000 Recovered For Wallowa County Drunk Driving Injury

Mr. Stavley represented a passenger in a drunk driver’s car. Mr. Stavley recovered policy limits against the drunk driver and additional money from the local bar where the driver was being served while visibly intoxicated.

$110,000 Recovered For Victim Of Drunk Driver

Mr. Stavley represented an elderly woman who was rear-ended by an uninsured drunk driver. Mr. Stavley recovered $100,000 in Underinsured Motorist (UIM) benefits and an additional $10,000 from the drunk driver as part of criminal restitution.

$100,000 Policy Limits For Woman Who Suffered Herniated Disc in Winter Snowstorm Car Crash

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was hit by a driver who was traveling too fast in snowy conditions. The insurance company denied liability. The client’s previous attorney did not believe in the case and urged settlement for a small amount. Mr. Stavley filed a lawsuit and prior to trial, the defense turned over the limits of the insurance policy.


$100,000 Policy Limits For Driver In Car Crash – Torn Labrum

Mr. Stavley represented a man who was hit from behind, causing him to tear the labrum in his shoulder.

$100,000 Dog Bite Case

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was traveling across the country with her niece. Her niece had a dog with a violent history of which she was not aware. The dog bit Mr. Stavley’s client on the face, inflicting a wound which required stitches.


$100,000 Policy Limits For Pedestrian Hit By Driver On Cell Phone

Mr. Stavley represented a young woman who was crossing a road outside of the crosswalk. She was hit by a car and thrown to the ground, causing a shoulder injury that required surgery. She also struck her head and had no memory of the crash. The driver said the girl stepped right in front of him and therefore the insurance company denied liability and offered nothing. Mr. Stavley was able to find a witness who indicated that the driver was on his cell phone. Further investigation turned up records proving the witness was telling the truth. On the day before trial was to begin, the defense offered their policy limits – $100,000.

Travis Brenner
Travis Brenner
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Chad and his team worked hard to settle a claim on my behalf following an injury I suffered. I’d recommend him to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney.

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Colby Aley
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Chad helped me immensely after I was in a car accident involving a rental car. Chad was quick, personable, and listened to the questions I had. I would recommend him to anyone.

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My husband was recently in rear end collision where he was not at fault and I contacted Chad today to see how we should proceed. Chad immediately contacted me and spoke with me at length about my options. Honestly he was warm, friendly, professional and gave me some wonderful recommendations. Although he will not be handling our case, ( I so wish he were ) he still took a great deal of time to offer advice and make a recommendation of a attorney who would be able to. He is the type of attorney that everyone would want handling their case. I would not hesitate to use Chad in the future for any larger cases that may arise that he would be able to take. I will be recommending him to any friends or family that may need a PI attorney. Thankyou Chad, for relieving some of my anxiety and for your time! :)Shannonread more

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Cangy A.
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My 16 yr old son got into a car accident and I was very lost with all the insurance questions and what to do with it. I am so impressed with Chad. He is amazing and very down to earth. He is a genuinely good person who does not take advantage of people or their situation. He is very helpful!! He is honest and has a lot of integrity. I know this because he advised me that it wouldn’t be worth the money to hire him because I would be losing out of more money in the end with the case that I had. He has even entertained other questions that I had with no hesitation. Thank you for all your help and all the work that you do and your good heart. My son and I appreciate you! – Carolineread more

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Zach Stone
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WHAT A GREAT ATTORNEY!Chad is an excellent attorney and I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation. He handled my personal injury case from beginning to end. He’s very responsive to questions and concerns throughout the entire process. He was an advocate for me from the beginning and the results were exceptional. Thanks for defending me Chad!read more

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Chad is a great guy, he was experienced enough to tell me that my case would not be worth him taking as it would not leave me with any money and in fact i would have to pay not only him but also a portion of the medical bills due to the small amount the insurance company had to settle with BUT he did offer his advice so i could take care of it myself. His advice was perfect and i was able get a settlement that not only covered my medical expenses also but put money in my pocket for pain and suffering. Without him i would not have gotten enough to even cover the medical….. THANK CHADread more

Jordan Black
Jordan Black
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Chad was so great! I was in a car accident and suffered some bodily damage. The process of dealing with insurance was very stressful for me and I was not sure the best way to navigate my situation. I reached out to Chad and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me get through this. He was very attentive, easy to talk to, professional and treated me with a ton of respect. I got exactly what I deserved out of my situation so my expectations were definitely exceeded. I’m so happy I was fortunate enough to have received assistance from Chad and would highly recommend his services.read more

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Jenna Van Slyke
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Chad helped our family when my dad and his dog suffered a particularly vicious attack by another dog. From start to finish, Chad was responsive and helped us navigate through a confusing and emotionally difficult period. It’s clear that he’s not only highly competent as an attorney, but is also a caring and compassionate person. We are forever grateful to him for his guidance and his skill which ultimately brought us the justice we were seeking.read more

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Nico Parodi
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Chad was a godsend after I was hit by a car. He had an excellent response time and was great about getting all the paperwork and the settlement taken care of as quickly and as efficiently as possible. 11/10 would recommend. He managed to get the insurance company to settle for more than originally anticipated and I’m extremely grateful I had him working on my case for me.read more

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Alyssa Ward
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Chad was beyond helpful after I got hit by a car on my motorcycle in Nov. Without him I know I would’ve walked away with bills instead of money in my pocket after the settlement. What’s more, he was trustworthy and genuinely wanted to be sure I made out alright. I expected to have to watch any lawyer I hired with a microscope, but it wasn’t that way at all. Anf unlike other lawyers I spoke with, he actually takes his cut AFTER medical bills have been paid. Not before, assuming they’ll knock off a percentage. I couldn’t recommend him more.read more

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Debra Buie
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Chad always kept us informed with every step with a personal phone call. He was a pleasure to work with and was able to get us more than we expected. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney for an accident. He said our case was “in his wheelhouse “! And he proved it! Thank you, Chad!

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Ashley Laor
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Chad and his staff are wonderful. My husband was in a car accident last year and we are so Happy we found Chad. He is very friendly, down to earth and always was available when needed. The whole process went smoothly and with some patience as these things take we were extremely satisfied with the outcome. Ashley & Ilan Raz.

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Kippy Kidder
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Chad and his team did a phenomenal job handling our case. They were diligent and put in the extra effort to get justice for my wife. Extraordinary job Chad we can’t thank you enough. We would highly recommend Chad and his firm to anyone needed legal guidance. Thanks again Chad

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Jamal Khoury
18:10 30 Sep 19

I got into a serious not at-fault motorcycle accident in the beginning of May. I broke a few bones in my wrist, concussion, etc. I didn’t have health insurance because I had forgot to enroll with my employer this last period. My medical bills were crazy expensive; I had to get surgery on my wrist and had NO health insurance mind you. The guy who hit me had the bare minimum liability coverage, so Chad had very little to work with in my case. He nevertheless took it on, he laid out my options with clarity and precision. He told me exactly what he would do in every scenario, and just overall put me at ease with his excellent communication and calm demeanor. Every time I had a question or concern, I emailed Chad (I try not to bother busy lawyers with tedious phone calls) and his response was always lightning quick. Things took awhile, (patience is key!) as they usually do in these cases but the end result was unbelievably satisfying. Chad got me a pretty good sized settlement, and was able to negotiate my massive hospital bill down! I could not be more grateful to Chad and his staff. Stephanie and Natalie were great. I will most certainly be using them again if ever needed. If you want an attorney who will be up front with you, truthful, caring, and efficient, Chad Stavley is your guy! Thank you Chad, Stephanie, and Natalie!read more

Katrina Vansooy
Katrina Vansooy
21:47 23 Sep 19

Chad and his team were exceptional. He was thorough, kept me informed during the length of my case and provided assurance and support after a scary event.

Wisdom J.O.Y. Makano
Wisdom J.O.Y. Makano
22:48 04 Sep 19

Honest, Helpful and willing to go the extra mile just to get you the right contact for your needs.Thank you, Chad, it was great talking to you. Wisdom

Raelene Bashaw
Raelene Bashaw
18:59 04 Sep 19

Chad was absolutely awesome and I will recommend him to anyone I know that needs an attorney for personal injury. I will also call him again anytime I need a personal injury attorney. He was honest and kept things real with me. I also felt he actually cared about what I went through. He handled the case quicker then I thought and definitely got me a very fair amount for my case. I could email or call anytime I needed. He also took a friend of mines case which I found out about after I retained him for my case and my friend was very happy as well with his outcome. Thank you so much Chad for all you did with my case.read more

Paolo Calamai
Paolo Calamai
03:04 11 Aug 19

Chad helped me resolve a legal matter and I was very satisfied with the result. He was professional and always quick to respond as well as thorough and knowledgeable. Would not hesitate to recommend him.

Elizabeth Petrosian
Elizabeth Petrosian
03:00 11 Aug 19

Chad advised my husband and I on a legal matter and was thoroughly professional, helpful, and wise. We felt very confident in following his advice and would not hesitate to ask for his assistance in future. He’s also very easy to talk to!

16:52 02 Aug 19

Chad is personable and caring. He will continue to seek out all possibilities for building that strong case. His staff is very professional and compliment Chad

Linda Todd
Linda Todd
23:53 24 Jul 19

First I want to thank Chad for all he did for me. I would highly recommend Chad to anyone looking for an attorney for a personal injury case. I was involved in a serious car accident December 2017. When the bills started pouring in was when I decided I needed an attorney. So glad Chad was the attorney recommended for me. Met with Chad in February 2018 and he has been representing me since then. He made everything so easy on me. Summer 2018 we filed for a trial that was later scheduled for June 2019. Chad and his staff (Stephanie) always kept me in the loop of what was going on via email and/or phone, and always explained things so I understood what was happening. About 3 weeks before trial date, in May 2019 the defendant(s) asked for mediation. Chad was able to get a settlement for me without going to trial. Such a relief it’s all over and no trial. So thankful for everything that was done for me by Chad and his office. Again, I highly recommend Chad to anyone needing an attorney specializing in personal injury. I wouldn’t hesitate to call Chad if I ever needed his help again. Special thanks to you Chad. Lindaread more

Mike j
Mike j
17:19 20 Jul 19

My wife was involved in a traffic accident and sustained a minor injury. The other driver’s insurance company “determined” it was 50% my wife’s fault even after providing them with proof that their insured driver caused the accident. Within two weeks of Chad taking our case, the other insurance company agreed to pay 100% of the damages. Chad’s expertise in dealing with insurance companies is outstanding. Chad definitely got the result we had hoped for in a timely manner. We will be hiring Chad for all of our future legal needs.read more

Hiedi Lesh
Hiedi Lesh
03:23 17 Jul 19

Chad represented me in two lawsuits with great results. I couldn’t be happier with his work. He works so hard, and really cares about his clients. A terrific lawyer.

Alex Fyfe
Alex Fyfe
18:20 08 Jul 19

My wife was injured in a car crash and not at fault. The insurance company was less than responsive and didn’t communicate or negotiate with us at all. I knew Chad from when he was a prosecutor at Multnomah County and so I called him for advice. Chad was amazing. From the initial consultation to the final settlement he was always there to answer questions and keep us informed. Chad was able to negotiate us a settlement that was drastically better than what the insurance company had offered initially. Chad has tremendous ethical and moral character and is well respected in the industry. I would highly recommend him.read more

Jean Garcia-Chitwood
Jean Garcia-Chitwood
05:18 02 Jul 19

I was in a car accident last July that was not my fault. Chad was approachable, thorough, and professional. In the end, the other driver settled with us. I appreciated Chad’s honest approach of providing me with all of the information, allowing me to ask numerous questions, and ultimately encouraging me to make the final decision with all of the facts in hand. I highly recommend Chad if you find yourself in a situation that you need excellent representation.read more

JoDanna Wishon
JoDanna Wishon
14:33 02 Jun 19

Chad and his team were just amazing and what I needed have my accident. I knew nothing about being hit by an uninsured motorist and what I could do. They were so helpful, very personable, and kind. They handled everything and kept me update on the progression of the case. I would highly recommend that if anyone is in this situation, to not look for anyone else.read more

raf perez
raf perez
18:47 25 Apr 19

Chad is a great person and an excellent attorney. I was rear ended by a semi on I5 and suffered multiple soft tissue injuries and the total loss of my vehicle, loss wages, etc. Thanks to Chad’s integrity and professionalism my case was settled fairly and promptly.

Brian ODonnell
Brian ODonnell
15:25 15 Mar 19

Chad and his team helped me navigate an uninsured driver/bicycling injury. While I spoke to other attorneys; I felt Chad was the most personable. I also feel that hiring Chad was a wonderful choice because he was able to explain the process, his paralegals reached out regularly to keep me looped in, and the settlement wrapped rather quickly. I’d recommend hiring him to anyone whom wants a trustworthy representative, and a pleasant experience with excellent results.read more

sam mccarville
sam mccarville
21:38 23 Nov 18

Chad and his staff where great!I worked with Chad for almost three years through a personal injury case. From our first meeting till the very end I knew that he had my best interested in mind. He kept me informed through out the entire process and took the time to explain every step and matter of the case to me and in a way that I could understand as these cases can get confusing and overwhelming. Not only did he handle my case very well but he went above and beyond several times to do things that were not required or expected, to makes things better or easier for me. He is not just a great attorney but also just genuinely a good person. He is an advocate for his clients and empathetic to what one has just gone through during a traumatic injury. You could only benefit by having Chad by your side during a situation like this.read more

Michael Alvarez
Michael Alvarez
17:53 31 Aug 18

Back in January I was on my way home from work and I had the right away through the intersection as I was going to the intersection of the lady T-boned me after that came horrible pain stress and depression I didn’t think that I would be in the situation I am today unfortunately after seven months I’m still going through this pain and dealing what the problem is that I have been left with from the accident that was not my fault a few months ago I seek to help I looked around town to see who could help represent me and my family because I was being overwhelmed with medical bills and I felt like I needed someone’s help so that’s when I found Chad and his team I had met with a few others around town and was not happy with the meet and greet but when I met Chad he was very nice and attentive we talked on the phone for about 45 minutes after that he said why don’t you come down to my office and we can get the ball rolling for you at the same time I was very nervous and very skeptical on trying to find a lawyer because I did not want to get in any kind of debt not knowing what I could get and what was the title to me after meeting with Chad and letting him know everything he assured me that he would be able to help me I just want to say thank you shara and his team thank you for looking out for my family and for myself I couldn’t have done it without you and I appreciate you and I feel protected now and that he’s on my side When I was involved in this accident I did not know that they would’ve left me out of work for seven months drain my savings account and changed all great plans my family and I had it’s still very stressful and I’m still going through with my family but Chad and his team have definitely helped and are continuing to help me in my situationread more

Chandra Berry
Chandra Berry
22:49 28 Aug 18

Chad is a great guy to work with, very down to earth and easy to talk to. He worked with me on the wrongful death case of my husband, and I couldn’t be happier with his quick responses and approach. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants an attorney that is knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for his clients.

Kyle Turner
Kyle Turner
01:07 22 Aug 18

Chad took my case after I was in a severe car accident in which an impaired driver with no insurance was at fault. After a year of Chad working on my case, he was able to not only significantly reduce my medical bills, but as a result, was able to get some settlementment money for me. He was always great about staying in contact and I never felt rushed. Chad took the time to explain the case clearly and was even complimented by the D.A. office handling the criminal side of the accident. After everything was settled, he waived his fees, leaving me with a bit more money than I had originally thought.read more

00:04 01 Aug 18

After being rear ended by an impaired driver that left the scene, I contacted Chad Stavley because of his reputation for doing the right thing for the right reasons when he was a Deputy District Attorney with Multnomah County. Not only did he make the personal injury and damage portion of the collision simple, Chad also very quickly understood that I hoped for an outcome that was fair and reasonable for the person that hit me. Because of his prior experience and background, he was able to easily navigate the criminal aspect of this case with a resolution that held the driver accountable in a meaningful way, made me feel as if my input truly mattered, and most importantly, identified and acknowledged community stakeholders affected by impaired drivers.I cannot imagine navigating this sometimes very unpleasant process with another attorney. It is Chad’s integrity and sincere compassion that guided and positively impacted this process for me and everyone else involved. I will recommend Chad Stavley to everyone I know.read more

Ying Zhang
Ying Zhang
03:10 30 Jul 18

I sought out Chad after a personal injury and he was extremely helpful in helping me understand my rights and advocate my case. He was always very professional and supportive throughout this difficult time. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case and was also able to receive much needed closure after my accident. I highly recommend Chad!

Mackenzie Andrews
Mackenzie Andrews
05:36 01 May 18

I was in an auto accident right after I turned 18. After a year of battling my case by myself I decided to finally look for legal help. I met with a few other attorneys before meeting Chad. Chad was understanding of my situation. I felt at ease signing over the case to him knowing everything was in good hands. I will be recommending him to all family and friends.read more

Russell Charley
Russell Charley
21:18 15 Nov 17

I have to thank Chad for his time and compassion when working with my Mom and l.When I initially called Chad I was full of fear and anger about the wreck and how my civil case was being handled. My former attorney had just notified me, by mail, that he couldn’t do anything for me, and to come pick up the paperwork.Chad listened and talked with Me. Giving him hope and a path forward. This is what I needed at this very low point in my life.Chad met with Mom and I in person, later emailing us detailed instructions. Which we followed. He provided support and was available when we got stuck and had questions. Chad’s help and support have been invaluable to our family. And has help put closure to this catastrophic event in my life.I high recommend Chad.read more

22:11 14 Jun 17

Chad is the real deal, truly out to help the less powerful and not in it just for a paycheck. Heres proof: I called him because my insurance adjuster was BS’ing me around with medical coverage, telling me I wasn’t eligible. Chad went out of his way to three way call my insurance company with me, talk to the adjuster, and voila! Now i have medical coverage and I can get my back fixed. The best part? He didn’t charge me a dime! He did it out of the kindness of his heart for somebody of lower status. Call it 100% magnanimous. If you’re looking for a personal injury attorney, Mr. Stavley is your guy.read more

Doug Dowling
Doug Dowling
14:26 14 May 17

MetLife made us a low offer under the uninsured/under-insured coverage of my policy for a personal injury car accident that my son was in. Chad took on the case based only on what he could get beyond the original offer and won an arbitrated settlement equal to double what MetLife had offered us. Insurance companies beware!

Abby Carey
Abby Carey
14:52 31 Mar 17

Chad and his staff were extremely helpful with my case. I contacted his office after being injured in a car accident and he was able to produce a very nice outcome. He and Stephanie were always available and responded quickly to any questions or help needed in a friendly way. I highly recommend him!

Milton Pareta
Milton Pareta
05:16 17 Nov 16

I was in a major car accident in Eugene, Oregon back in June 2015. Resulting in numerous of injuries. Hospitalized for a couple of weeks and rehabbing for a couple of months after that. I was referred to Chad and he even came out to see me in Eugene from Portland. Our first discussion wasn’t about any legal actions but how I was healing from the accident. Chad actually cares about his clients and will make sure you’re taken cared off. He makes sure he is prepared for his cases and always is in communication with me. He even calls to see how I am doing or if I needed anything. He made my lawsuit really easy to handle. He will give you the best result one can ask for. Very easy and cool to work with. He will make sure that you are taken cared off. I highly recommend Chad Stavley for any personal injury case. You will be very pleased from the results.read more

Russell Coy
Russell Coy
21:39 11 Nov 16

Chad represented me in a motorcycle accident suit and I could not have asked for a more professional and personal lawyer with a better outcome. Thanks to his whole team.

Lacey Zimmerman
Lacey Zimmerman
23:01 23 Jun 16

Chad is seriously the best!! I contacted him after an auto accident. Best decision ever. He took got everything taken care of with the insurance company. He has great communication. He is a great attorney and an absolutely wonderful person. If you were in an accident and need a lawyer, he is the guy you NEED to call! Thanks again for all your help Chad!read more

Ken Howell
Ken Howell
23:43 27 May 15

I was rear-ended back in October of 2014 and the injuries from which temporarily derailed the beginning of my new career. The losses were beyond a financial price tag. My insurance covered all of my medical expenses and the replacement of my car but the driver of the car that hit me was uninsured. Luckily I had the proper coverage but the final PIP settlement offer didn’t come until April and I felt it was in-sufficient. Chad Stavley was recommended to me by lawyers in the family that didn’t deal with this type of thing and he came through like a champ. I could not be more thrilled with the final outcome. I highly recommend calling him with any questions or concerns.read more

Patricia Davis
Patricia Davis
00:34 09 Feb 15

I sustained injuries in an automobile accident where I was T-boned by a driver that ran a stop sign.The insurance company wanted to close the case quickly and offered a settlement that would not even come close to covering my medical bills.I contacted Chad Stavley and was comfortable with him immediately.Chad worked diligently on my case, and obtained a fair settlement without having to go to court.I would highly recommend his services.read more

Colton and Sommar Archer
Colton and Sommar Archer
20:32 17 Nov 14

After being in an auto accident that injured my wife, we knew we had to hire an attorney to help us with this new, unfamiliar territory. We obtained council from another law firm and had a terrible experience. We were treated like just a number and had a hard time even getting a response to email. We decided to fire that attorney and hire Chad, which turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made. Chad gave us faith in lawyers once again with his personal attention and willingness to go the extra mile when it came to our case. Chad would talk to us every time we called and would answer every email that we sent almost immediately. He made my wife feel like she mattered to him, which was truly amazing. He made a bad situation turn into something bearable and gave us that light at the end of the tunnel. We are forever grateful for the services that Chad provided us and would recommend him to anybody that is in need of a personal injury attorney.read more

Christina Simonton
Christina Simonton
03:41 13 Nov 14

I had a very difficult case involving my toddler who sustained a severe dog bite to her face. Chad Stavely and his staff handled my case perfectly. I’m grateful for his knowledge and he made me feel like I was his only client.

Jessie Hachler
Jessie Hachler
23:57 03 Mar 14

I was referred to Chad from a family member after getting into a motor vehicle accident. I was not having any luck with the insurance company. Chad was a very knowledgeable and professional. He was always there to help answer questions via email and phone call that I had. It was my 1st accident that had happened to me and Chad & his assistant Stephanie walked me through every step of the way from beginning to end I was confident of the team I had defending me. I will defiantly refer any an all to call Chad. His team will take care of you through everything you need. I hope to not have to use him with any accidents but if I get into another motor vehicle accident I will not hesitate to call Chad.read more

martin lund
martin lund
18:03 09 Feb 14

My name is Martin Lund and I chose Chad Stavley as my attorney after review testimony’s online related to what I had experienced. I was hit on a motorcycle while stopped in a parking lot. Long story short, I suffer from a herniating disc that causes aching and numbing down my left arm. After meeting with Chad, he assisted me in getting my medical treatments moving forwards and worked with doctors clinics to allow me examinations since my PIP insurance had maxed out. Once the case has closed, Chad was able to settle out of court and with a larger than expected settlement.As other reviewers have stated, Chad is very professional and efficient. He did a great job in representing my case and explained what to expect as the case moved forward.If you are needing legal representation for a motor vehicle injury, I highly recommend Chad Stavley.read more

Priscilla Wagner
Priscilla Wagner
00:56 20 Nov 13

In August of 2012, I sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident. I immediately began to feel disheartened and frustrating in dealing with the insurance companies (both my own and the other party’s). Even though I was rear-ended, the other party’s insurance company would not accept fault for the accident. I hired Chad Stavley and was immediately put at ease. Not only did he deal with all of the insurance information I did not understand, he also fought for me to be able to receive compensation for my physical injuries as well as my property damage. It felt really great to have an attorney like Chad in my corner; he worked efficiently and quickly, and he also made it as easy for me as possible to deal with an otherwise messy situation. I commend his professionalism as well as making me feel like I was well cared for as his client. I would absolutely recommend Chad Stavley for any person looking for an attorney who will help deal with an accident efficiently, professionally, and thoroughly.read more

Natalie Jacobs
Natalie Jacobs
17:23 15 Nov 13

I hired Chad Stavley for a motor vehicle accident and could not be more pleased with the outcome. I found it incredibly difficult to deal with insurance companies directly and decided that hiring an attorney would be my best bet. Chad alleviated all of my worries and walked me through the process step-by-step. I felt like Chad cared about my case and made it his priority to get me properly compensated for the injuries I sustained from my accident. It’s not every day that you find an attorney who is as dedicated and motivated to get you the best results possible. I highly recommend Chad Stavley for anyone who has suffered injuries from an accident. His experience, professionalism, and diligence yield maximum results.read more

Jason Gardner
Jason Gardner
01:50 11 Oct 13

I recently hired Chad to represent me in a lawsuit with a large corporation involving a significant monetary dispute. Fortunately, he was able to settle the case for much more than I anticipated. I chose Chad because of his trial experience and reputation for taking on insurance companies. He is very professional, responsive and prepared. I’ve worked with lawyers in the past that are unmotivated and fail to realize how important your case is to your daily life. I can tell you this is not the case with Chad. He is compassionate, responsive and fired up to get the best result. I could not be happier with the outcome in my case.read more

felix velazquez
felix velazquez
05:38 25 Jul 13

My name is Felix Velazquez, I recommend Chad Stavley for your next or first court case. A little more than a year ago I was accused of Domestic Violence charges. This was my first time dealing with anything that had to do with court related issues. I had no idea what to expect, what I did know was that I was stressed out and confused. I did not know what direction to take and how to approach the situation. Innocent or guilty, you need someone you can trust.A close friend attending a catholic university gave me as contact Chad Stavley. I was skeptical at first if he could help me out because Domestic Violence is not his major focus. He made it easy from the beginning, taking me step by step, in a friendly way. He made himself available when I needed him or had any questions outside of the office.In few words he made my court experience better than I expected. I am happy to say that thanks to Chad, my case has been expunged and dismissed. I recommend someone like Chad because he is down to earth, honest, humble, easy to talk to, gave me a fair price and his availability was exceptional.Thank you Chad for all your hard work,Best Regards,Felix V.read more

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