Wave Through Car Crash Verdict

Kharlamov v. Dajani, Multnomah County Case No. 14CV17331

Plaintiff Kharlamov was driving on Powell Boulevard when Defendant Dajani attempted to take a left turn out of a Safeway parking lot across all lanes of traffic. Dajani struck Kharlamov on the right side of her vehicle. Kharlamov alleged that she suffered neck, shoulder and back strains and sprains as well as nerve damage to her forearms and hands as a result of the impact. She sought $20,785.69 for past medical expenses, $15,000.00 for future medical expenses and $185,000.00 for non-economic damages.

Defendant Dajani claimed that traffic was backed up, but other drivers allowed her out to take a left turn. She alleged that Kharlamov had crossed the double yellow line from the left-hand lane into the turning lane earlier than allowed by traffic laws. She claimed that the crash occurred in the turn lane where Kharlamov was illegally driving.

Plaintiff’s Counsel – Ralph Rayburn

Defense Counsel – C. Aaron Johnson

Verdict – Defense Verdict

Date – November 5, 2015

November 5, 2015

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