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Liquor Liability

Bars and taverns have responsibilities to the public. If they serve someone who is visibly intoxicated they can be held responsible for harms that result. If you were hurt by a drunk driver you may be able to hold the over-serving bar financially responsible too. Chad Stavley has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from irresponsible Portland and area bars. Read more to see how Portland personal injury attorney Chad Stavley can hold bars responsible and maximize the amount of money you collect.
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Dangerous Property

Businesses have a duty to keep their property in a condition that is reasonably safe for their customers. If you were injured because a business or property owner failed to keep their property safe you may want to discuss your options with an experienced Portland personal injury lawyer. Read about how Chad Stavley can help you recover financially from your losses.
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Crime Victims

Chad Stavley is a former Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney (Prosecutor) with years of experience helping crime victims of all types. The State has attorneys representing their interests and the defendant will too. Mr. Stavley is dedicated to making sure victims are also represented. Read more here about how Portland personal injury lawyer Chad Stavley can help you understand the criminal process and maximize the amount of money you collect against the responsible parties.
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Bicycle Accidents

Chad Stavley is one of only a few Portland personal injury attorneys successfully trying bicycle cases. His bicycle verdicts have beaten offers by more than 5 to 1. Insurance companies take notice of lawyers who go to trial and get results. They adjust their offers because they fear a big verdict. Learn more about common bicycle cases, results and how Mr. Stavley can maximize the amount of money you collect.
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Motorcycle Accidents

For your motorcycle case you should hire a personal injury lawyer who rides. There is no other way to understand the dangers faced by motorcyclists and the precautions they take. Chad Stavley understands motorcycle cases because he rides. Come here to learn more about motorcycle cases, how an experienced Oregon personal injury attorney can help you, our results and how Mr. Stavley can maximize the amount of money you collect.
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Dog Bites

If you or your child has recently been bitten by a dog you may have many questions. How will you get medical bills covered? Will anyone hold the dog owner accountable? What responsibilities does a dog owner have to the public and especially children? Learn the truth about what you are entitled to before facing the insurance company. Talk with Portland personal injury attorney Chad Stavley.
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Car Accidents

Not all personal injury lawyers are the same. Many handle car crash cases but few consistently get results that make the insurance companies take notice. Chad Stavley’s car crash results at trials and arbitrations have consistently outperformed offers. Insurance companies track which personal injury lawyers get results and adjust their offers accordingly. Read more here about car crash cases, results, insurance basics and how Mr. Stavley can maximize the amount of money you collect.
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